My analog Palm Pilot

"Here's what your back pocket will do to a piece of paper after 6 days hard walking in London:

When I travel, I usually write everything that's super important to me down on a 8.5x11 piece of paper, fold it twice, and stick it in my pocket. That way, when I need to look up a phone number or jot down an address, I don't have to get out a notebook, my computer, or hunt around for a piece of scrap paper. And it won't ever get stolen like a cell phone or handheld might."

What a simple, low-tech way to reduce travel-stress.

Laughing Knees

"Good afternoon! It really feels good, doesn't it?”

I turned and faced a suntanned man about my age, smiling as if he had just conversed with the face of the sublime. I smiled back. His voice was just the right timbre for this silent place and moment.

“Yes, it certainly does. It's so quiet.” I responded.

He laughed. “Ah, yes, a rare moment on Takao. I'm so happy I came today.”

“Are you going to the top?”

“Yes.” He paused to contemplate the photograph I was taking. “Please enjoy your walk. And please take care in the snow.”

“You, too.”

And he was off, crunching up the trail, snow enveloping him in its veils."

Walking in the Snow

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