Juggling may increase size of your brain

"Juggling and probably other visual skills that take time to master increase the size of your brain.

That's the conclusion of German researchers, which throws down the gauntlet to the mainstream view that the size of the adult brain does not change at all except when it is confronted by ageing or disease.

University of Regensburg neurologist Arne May and colleagues asked 12 people in their early 20s, most of them women, to learn a classic three-ball juggling trick over three months until they could sustain a performance for at least a minute.

Another 12 were a control group who did not juggle."

New Zealand Herald Online

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Manual memories

"This one is another environment that is good for study or work. When was the last time you picked up a yellow pencil. Try it, you might find its like trip down memory lane. Of course, elementary school memories are tough for some to relive."

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