Online Businesses and Journalism

Journalism is part of the social sciences and refers to the activity of reporting and writing about public events for a targeted audience. It can be classified in different categories since many of us are familiar with sports , investigative, science and business, political and cultural. There are also many types of writings that can be regarded as journalistic pieces like news stories, interviews or an open-ed.

Journalism has changed a lot since the massive popularity of the internet. Today we can talk about online journalism and new media journalism. Newspapers have also migrates to the internet world where they are fighting for bigger audiences and more views. They way journalism is done today is very different than in the past. Journalistic pieces are shorter, catchier and focus on important keywords to get the attention of the readers. Also, articles are more visual stimulating because they are usually accompanied by multimedia pieces like photos, video and audio.

Journalism has also been mixed with related fields like public relations and advertising in order to create a better communication between the public and different companies or institutions. Many online businesses think that true, journalistic articles can make their products more accessible to people. In the end, journalism can be a useful tool as long as it is used in truthful actions.

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