Pollinate Chain Reaction

"Wow. I just watched Belief’s presentation, Pollinate Chain Reaction, from Promax/BDA 2004 in New York (via Mr. Sutter), and I feel like staying up for a few days straight to create something. The video from the lecture, is 45 minutes long, but it will be some of the best 45 minutes you’ve spent lately. Watching this really hit home for me because it touches on many of the ideas I was trying to convey in my recent article for Design In-Flight, “Fighting Off Design Stagnation”. But, actually watching this served as a sort of creativity pep-talk. It wasn’t that they were talking about methods or ideas I haven’t heard before, but when it’s get packed together in such a concentrated form, it manages to smack you in the face. The same way when you witness something unlike anything you have seen before, be it a movie or a song or whatever, you are just urged to get up off your ass, create something."

Pollinate Chain Reaction (Quicktime Movie)

If you're a creative person, or wish to be more creative, this 45 minute movie is a mind-blowing, power-packed must-see.

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